End Of Year Awards 2012


c2 Trainer of the Year: Far Cry 3
You need certain skills to survive in the world of Far Cry 3, and the trainer from GameHostia will aid you in obtaining those skills just a bit easier. What’s interesting about the trainer is that on their own, the cheats are a bit lackluster and expected, but when combined with each other, they’re great.Want to hunt a shark? Use the invisibility cheat and the unlimited underwater cheat to go fishing. Want to cause some crazy fun? Use that same invisibility cheat combined with the unlimited grenades cheat to rain down hell fire on your clueless enemies.


eoy_cover_callofdutyblackops2 Call of Duty: Black Ops II
Most First-Person-Shooters get predictable trainers with simple cheats. The trainer for Black Ops 2 features everything you’d expect from unlimited ammo and no recoil, but it also features some really cool features that make it a trainer you absolutely have to use. You can literally edit the attributes of the game, like player size and speed to make your soldier all that he can be.


eoy_cover_diablo3 Diablo III
A major part of the Diablo III experience is the constant grinding to level up and learn new skills, to get more loot. The trainer for the game from GameHostia allows you to see each of the monster’s locations on the map, which will allow you to better plan your attacks, and in turn level up easier. It also helps to turn on the enhanced character speed cheat, that allows you to click through monsters a lot faster than normal.By far though one of the best moments in Diablo III lies in finding some of the game’s hidden worlds, like the rainbow and unicorn world (no, really) or the development hell level (again..really).
eoy_cover_masseffect3 Mass Effect 3
I can’t tell you how frustrated I got every time I saw the message that powers are not available during cool down — that’s why I loved the no cool down feature of the trainer, which allowed me to use the powers I had at will.The trainer is packed with features, including those to keep your squad healthy, the ability to level up faster and help you in combat. It’s easily one of the most useful trainers I’ve used.

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